Monday, April 8, 2013

Being a mom...

So, i've been crazy busy lately. I am tired and feel like i am running on "E".

A lot has happened since the last time i wrote. Well, a lot in my book haha
Tomorrow i have an appointment to finally get an official diagnosis for ADHD. And see what my treatment options are. Its about time for me to finally deal with it haha

School is going great (minus the whole math thing ;) lol)

I havent been to the gym more than 4 times in the last 2 months :/  Saturday i decided it was time to get back and force myself back into a routine again. I need routine in my life.. without it i am lost all day and dont get much done.

Saturday i went to the gym alone and it was great, i pushed myself and got my 6 miles of biking done in 30 minutes. It was a little painful after not having done much for the last 2 months! But i managed pretty well if i do say so myself haha

Today on the other hand I woke up a little earlier had some coffee with my husband and got ready to take my Lorena to school and go to the gym.. my day started off great! I was on a roll.

Dropped my baby girl off at school and Olivia and I were off to the gym. We got there and i was hoping to at the very least get my 6 or 7 miles done. HA! i got ALMOST 3 miles in when Ms. Olivia decided she was done being there... Not even 20 minutes had passed and she was having the meltdown of her life. Of course people started staring and getting irritated, here was this child screaming her head off as they too were just try to get a good workout in. As a semi considerate person i hopped off of my bike grabbed her and headed out (in tears)

Why in tears?

Because i can not get any time for me. I want to do something for myself to improve my health and i just cant seem to get it done. I want just one hour where i dont have school, homework, a kid crying, whining or screaming. Just so i can workout. Is that really out of the question??


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