Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feel Sexy Again? Hell Yes!

Hello my lovelies!

Just wanted to share some of what is going on with you all...

for the last 3 weeks or so i have been going to the gym everyday and working my butt off!
Very honestly i have been really upset because everytime i step on the scale i weigh the same or a little more than i had the days before. SO that was a really big demotivator of course.

The other day i tried on a pair of jeans that i bought in march.. they are a size 16. When i bought these jeans i swore that was the size i wore. Nope in March i was a size 22 :/ i couldnt get those things over my thighs/hips to save my life.

Well to my surprise they actually fit now! So i know i am making progress.

For the last week i have been between 215 and 212 and have not been able to drop past that 212. Today i did :) 210. I only have 10lbs left to get out of the 200's. I am beyond excited!

And i am proud of myself. I feel pretty again. I feel sexy! I feel good :)

I just want to say thank you to those of you that read and help keep me motivated and going. I appreciate you!
Let me know how your goals are coming along?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Just Want To Eat!!

So i am sitting here browsing through Pinterest's "Food & Drink" section.. And all that is happening is.... Me fighting the urge to get up and go buy or make something i know i would regret later.

I just want a soda... and a bowl of pasta covered in cheese, with a slice of bread; smeared in butter. But no. I cant. I am already angry about my weight and i refuse to do what i usually do..


Ya know, i have been working out, lots of running and walking.. But, for some crazy reason instead of losing weight i started gaining weight! What the hell?! Here i am trying to change my ways by doing exercise and eating better and i am gaining weight?! Makes me want to quit more than ever.

I am sitting at 213 lbs today and i am miserable with that.. and i am even more miserable because starting yesterday i was ordered to stop running for 6 weeks to let my shin splints heal. So now i have to find some other way to try and lose weight... I am just so sick of this.

Yesterday i went to the Dr to figure out exactly what was going on with my shins.. they hurt like hell when i walk or touch them even, Anyway.. I am sitting there talking to my Dr  and he says "Other than athsma and Obesity do you have any other diseases?"


Oh, i just wanted to roll up into a ball and cry..

Well anywho... i just wanted to write a little for today and as always.. I hope you Dont mind my scatter brain writing too much ;)