Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

So, If some of you dont know... I work at Kohls. I hate it. But hey, its a job right?

Here is the place i get to gripe about my job to anyone that is willing to read it haha

Black Friday: I closed last night. My shift was scheduled from 4pm - 1230 am. (i clocked out at 105am) Not too bad.

Problem? I got to deal with the mess from the entire day of havoc.

First, we have a lot of new associates. And when i say new i mean this is their first week of working here. Some, had their first shift last night. What does that mean for me?
People that are not yet educated on how things work or how to do certain things.

All night all i heard was "oh, i cant put that stuff away.. i dont know where it goes." My response?

Well, you better start walking around with that stuff now so you can find it.

I hate doing other people's jobs because they are too lazy to do it themselves. Including certain managers that are employed there.

I am hopping all over the place here so bare with me....

I happened to be the most experienced person working the registers out of 5 of us that were scheduled.. so of course when something wasnt done correctly i got the tail end of it.

For a majority of the night all i heard was... so can we leave as soon as the store closes at 12?  hahahahah NO!

Stop complaining and get your ass moving!

can we leave at 1230? ............ If we finish what we need to get done yes. But at the rate everyone is moving you will be lucky to be leaving at 1am.

I was run over by one of these new people with a bakers rack i.e. a heavy ass metal cage with wheels full of clothes and other merchandise.
As soon as it happend i sat on the floor to asses my achellies and this new associate bends down grabs my foot (i hate having my feet touched) and says let me see it! I used to be a volunteer fire fighter!
All i could get out was "honey, i have been through a cna and emt course i think i can handle a little bit of skin getting peeled off of my foot. Now get out of my space."

Of course i felt bad immediately after i said it and looked at her face... But hey i had had a long night.

oh! and my manager just happened to forget to give me and two other assoviates our last 15 minute break even after i asked her.. her response?
You already got it. NO No no. I did not. Ugh.

I hate black friday. I dont understand the point. Grown ass people running around to buy things at a "sale" price.. Spending money they dont have on shit they dont need. Its ridiculous.

And I hate when things are expected of me and i am not given the tools to be successful...

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