Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ME Time

Bahaha there are way too many days when i feel like this... Having kids is wonderful. But, dont forget that you need some alone time every once in a while to keep your sanity haha

Even if it means putting kid(s) down for a nap and sitting in the tub to soak and relax. Or sit and read a book.

Go out to luch with a friend so you can have a little time to have some "grown up" conversations..

Take a fun dance class..

And dont forget to make sure you are making some time for your relationship and your significant other.

And dont feel guilty for feeling like you need to get away from your kids.. Its normal. Does not in anyway shape or form make you a bad parent. Like I said, Being a parent is magnificent and quite fulfilling... But, some days we all just need a little break.

At least i know i do!

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