Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poetry of Mine

I am afraid to speak the words that linger beneath my tongue..
Words that when let out into the night sky can not be be put back into their once safe place.

Am I ready to let them free?
To let myself be free?
Not yet.
I am not ready to part with my sanity.

Those words so innocent and nieve...
They dont know what they are getting themselves in to.
But I do!
I know what they can do; I know the power that they hold.
I know the power that I hold.

So for now..
I will keep them. I will keep them safe with me.

I have not written in a long time.. well, not poetry. Not anything that may elicit genuine emotion. I hold my writing very dear to me.. and would like to know what you guys think. So feel free to share opinions about it! Thanks for reading :)

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