Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good Stuff is Happening

Hey all!
Well i have lots to share, I have had an eventful month so far and its only 9 days in haha.

First let me share that my husband has made SSgt this year! I am so proud of him!
Second, I got my job back at Kohl's. I am very excited about that.
Third, and most importantly to me... i finally did register for school. And decided to go full time.

I am going to be so busy.. But i think itll be worth it. Helping my husband out a little with the financial part of everything. And helping advance myself into the field of work i want to be in.

I am so excited with everything that is going on! And to top it all off my momma will be here this Sunday to visit for a couple weeks. I havent seen her in about two years.. I am so overjoyed.

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