Monday, May 21, 2012


So Im not going to lie.. For about a month or so, I have not done anything. No eating healthy no working out.. Nothing. I got sick and after I got better I never started back up.

Today is my first day back at this... I feel like I am dying hahahaha

I weighed myself again last monday and I was sitting at 223 lbs again.. Today I am 219. I am hoping to get down to about 180 by October. Then i can set 10 lb goals for every month or two.

Hopefully I can stay motivated this time. My husband is doing insanity so hopefully we can do this together!

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  1. I am starting Insanity too! I have done it a few times but never actually stuck with it! I am also hoping to do a half marathon at disneyworld in January so Insanity on my none running days!!! Keep it up girl!