Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hard Days Happen

I am not going to lie. This healthy eating is killing me. I am used to eating out almost daily and having soda all day everyday!
I am in a bad mood. All i want is McDonalds. And a huge soda. I am so tempted to get in the car and go out and buy fast food. ANY fast food.

I sat down took a breather and tried to collect myself. I threw some chicken in the oven and decided to stick to what i had promised myself.

I wasnt going to give in. I had to fight my temptaions and remind myself of the goals i have set.

I ate a 90 calorie lowfat chocolate cake to deal with my craving for something unhealthy. I feel satisfied. And the chicken in the oven smells delicious!
I know i am strong enough to get through the cravings and withdrawls. I am strong.


  1. Tell me about it thats how I was today. I wanted a turkey burger from Carls jr.

  2. hahahha no, i didnt want a tukey burger.. i wanted a big thing of fries from mcdonalds and a 10 pc nuggets lol