Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long and Painful Week

This week seems never ending and its only Wednesday!

For anyone who is worried,curious, or nosy lol

I have been to the ER twice this week and had two DR appointments. First I had a really bad UTI ( tmi for some but hey! its whats going on lol) I went from no symptoms to extreme pain and blood in my urine in a record 2 hours.

I went to the ER to get medicine quickly but once i checked in i was sent to my DR.

After talking to my DR about my UTI i was sent directly to radiology to get an ultrasound of my kidneys. I was sent home with antibiotics and a medicine to help with the pain. That night i started to feel nauseated and threw up a few times.

Yesterday my ear started to hurt a little.. i stupidly sneezed and held on to my nose tightly, feeling a pop and some immediate pain. A few hours later i was in extreme pain the whole left side of my face felt like i had been slugged with a hammer. I also started having nose bleeds.

At about 4 am i a went to the ER to get my ear checked and had a Dr. come in for two seconds and determine that i had an ear infection.. i was given drops (which treat an outer ear infection) and sent home.

I called my actual Dr and left a message letting her know what was going on.

I got a call back saying that I needed to be seen soon. They opened up a space for me to be seen immediately and off i went.

My Dr was amazing and actually listened to all my symptoms and checked me out thoroughly.

Conclusion is that the medicine that i was given for my UTI was not sitting well and was causing me to throw up. I do have an ear infection but the meds given to me would do nothing seeing as i have an  inner ear infection. On top of that i have a ruptured ear drum.

The ear infection and ruptured ear drum are the reason for the extreme pain and nose bleeds.
I was told that due to the type of infection i need to keep an eye on my face and make sure that everything i moving correctly to ensure i dont suffer from issues with bells palsy.

My kidneys look ok and i have an appointment with a urologist in a few weeks.

In all i am ok.. Still in some pain, but better, especially now that i know what is wrong with me.
Thank you everyone that has inquired about me and my well being :) much appreciated!

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