Monday, June 25, 2012

So sick of the ER

So I thought i was done with being sick or going to the drs. I was wrong!

Tuesday i noticed that my nose kept going numb.. just felt the same as when my foot falls asleep. Thought nothing of it.... rest of the week it kept going on and my fingers and and hands started with the same issues. Saturday my whole face went numb. I was having a really hard time talking because i couldnt feel my mouth or tongue. I got nauseated and started having chills... We went to the ER to see if they could help me out and figure out what the problem was.. while there my vision started to get a little blurry. I told them all my symptoms and they had me sit and wait in the waiting room to be seen.... 2 hours later i was still sitting there and the numbness started to go away. They finally called me in and i sat there for at the very least a half hour and still hadnt seen anyone. My symptoms were pretty much gone..... so i just went home.

Now i have an appointment in a bit to see someone about whats been going on.. wish me luck!!

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