Friday, June 1, 2012

Self Concious

Ok so as we all know, I am trying to lose weight.. Problems with this?

I am too freakin' self concious. I dont want to go running because I dont want anyone to see me. Same with going to dance classes or actually attending a workout group with a few other ladies.

I used to love to be in the spotlight! I wanted people to watch me dance.. I wanted people to watch me and feel something when i danced. Now, i feel the complete opposite.

I want to dance in a dark corner by myself.

As i say all this i realize that i probably judge myself a whole lot more than anyone else would...

One of these days maybe I will just get over it.. I mean its not to anyone else's detriment but mine to not do things because i am afraid of what people will say.

-A Work In Progress.

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