Friday, April 27, 2012

Fish in A Tree? NO!

Always put yourself in an environment where you are guaranteed to thrive! Do what you are good at and dont compare yourself to others.. Comparing yourself to others and their "success" only sets you back from what you could be doing.

We are all brilliant at something, we just have to find those things...

I used to compare myself to everyone.. their money situations, parenting, jobs, homes, how impecable their homes were, their cars, clothes, bodies....

But, I have learned to stop. I am happy where i am. I do all that i can to be the best person i can be. I know i am an amazing mother, I know that i am starting school to better my future for me and my kids, My home isnt sparkling clean.. its tidy but lived in lol, My body is beautiful.. I am beautiful.

I am a Genius! :)

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