Monday, April 16, 2012

My Heart and Soul

My reasons for living, My pride and joy, My family!

My husband, he has helped me through so much and helps me see things in myself that i have a hard time seeing on my own. He is at my side through it all. He has my back through the good and the bad.. I am blessed to have found such an amazing man at such a young age. I found my soul mate at 15.

My Lorena, my gift from God. Yea i had her at a young age, but i think i needed her. God sent her to me because he knew i needed her! She has helped me to grow up. To become a responsible woman. She is the reason i know there is a God.

My Olivia, my baby girl. A true test of my patience lol
she is silly and stubborn. Her spirit is amazing.. Reminds me to be grateful for all that i have.

This is my everything.. They make my world go round. My reasons for waking up and seeing my life for what it is.... BLESSED!

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