Friday, March 23, 2012


After writing yesterday I had a mini meltdown... I mean its not like I didnt know my own situation. Its not like I didnt know what I had done to myself... But sitting there and writing it down for the whole world to know made it very real.
All I could think about was how did this happen to me? How did I do this to myself??
And the fact that now everyone knows... they know how bad I was. They can go read it whenever they want.. even people I dont know are reading this...
I just sat and cried for a while.. It wasnt until this morning when I saw this picture that I realized My journey, my words, my story is going to help someone else. I am writing so that you all know that you arent alone. I am writing and divulging things that make me uncomfortable in hopes of inspiring someone else..
                                                                I hope it works.

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