Monday, March 26, 2012

My Real Issues

 Some more honesty :/

These were taken today.. This is me at 242 lbs.

I look at these pics and feel so gross. My tummy sticks out. My thighs are huge. My arms are flabby and have stretch marks. My butt isnt firm or round anymore.. Its like i have no butt at all. My butt has never been nice or big but now its like a flat board! I have cellulite all down my legs...

I look at these and try to figure out how i will lose this weight.. will my tummy go down? Will my thighs get any smaller? Or will my breasts shrink? Will i still have somewhat of a waist??

Ugh... This is so embarrassing. But like i said if i cant deal with this how can i help anyone else? And how can i expect you to do the same? Face your fears.. Dont let them rule you! I will do this! I will be successful. I will be healthy and comfortable in my own skin in no time at all.

In a few months i will be able to post new pics of me happy and healthy!

Thank you guys for reading and not judging. Thank you guys for allowing me to tell my story and letting it help to inspire some of you.


  1. Omg girl you have me inspired! I feel what your going through! It's so hard to lose weight I don't have babies and im overweight! But don't worry we're all beautiful and if your husband makes you feel beautiful that's great!! Keep doing what your doing and hold your head up high:)

    1. Thank you I hope i can continue to help inspire you.. And my busband does help a lot. He makes me feel beautiful no matter what i look like :)

  2. I'm an Army Wife! I lost 50lbs during my husbands deployment. I have 30 left. You are an inspiration b/c ur bold to put these pics up!